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Welcome to Cross Cultural Calendars where we make calendars and merchandise with you, the customer, in mind. Our motto "Sharing Culture through Calendars," epitomizes our philosophy. We design calendars and other products for niche markets. It is our belief, that there are countless untold stories and people who deserve to be honored daily. In time, we plan to fully serve underserved and unserved markets. Be sure to return to see our updates in the coming months. We are expanding our offerings to include clothing and other merchandise. In the meantime, make sure you return frequently as we expand our offering.
  It is our desire to create products and provide services to help bridge the knowledge gap between cultures.

At Cross Cultural Calendars we hope to share culture and bring awareness about people of different cultures through products aimed at niche markets.

Through the use of the web, blogs, facebook, twitter and other social media, we hope to increase knowledge and exposure to people who's stories are often untold and overlooked.
2014 Aaliyah Calendar
2014 Astronauts of Latin
Descent Calendar
2014 Barack and Michelle Calendar
2014 African American Astronauts Calendar
2014 Tupac Calendar
2014 Nelson
Mandela Calendar
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